“PLASTICS IS A HERO NOT VILLAIN” Single Use Plastics is become life saver during COVID19

"PLASTICS IS A HERO NOT VILLAIN" Single Use Plastics is become life saver during COVID19


Plastics was the villain until January 2020, we made Plastics a villain for all these time, suddenly a changed happened Plastics is become a HERO, all self centred environmentalist kept quit because they all are using plastics some of the other way, either by using hand wash or hand sanitiser filled in plastics bottles, they may say we are using cotton mask, but N95 mask is made out of Polymer and Plastics. If you look at the scenario Plastics is becoming the life saver instead of a villain . Even the plastic carry bags are used during this epidemic time, you can’t blame anyone because Plastics only can save life in such situations and that is the only material you can produce very fast.

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Everyone talked about Plastics not good for Environment, where those are gone? What are they wearing? Plastics mask? Plastics has become a life saver, it proves that plastics are not the culprit, its life saver, but our habits are making the environment not good for living. Nothing worked out, nature made a global lockdown helped to have better air and environment. You may be thinking that what are the products used during the COVID19 some of them are listed below which are in my knowledge, there may be more product which I did not came across;

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• Mask
• Gloves
• Jackets
• IV sets
• Syringe
• N95 Mask
• Santiser’s Bottles
• Testing Tubes
• Clinical Thermometers
• Infrared Thermometers
• Catheter
• Hand wash Bottles
• Cleaning Sprays bottles
• Ventilators
• Pipes
• Mackintosh
• Nebuliser
• Syringe Pump
• Testing Equipments
• Saline Bottles
• Urine Bags
• Blood Bags etc . The list goes on if I look into it . . .

Hope you all understand the importance of Plastics “PLASTICS IS A HERO NOT VILLAIN”, Please don’t make PLASTICS a villain to hide our mistake of not disposing properly.