Husky releasing new quality technology developments to quench customer & business demands.

Modern Plastics India – Interview Questions (Feb/March 2020) Answered by Dinesh Budapanahalli, Vice President -Service & Sales Hot Runners Yves Rebert, Rigid Packaging General Manager Central & West Asia Interview Questions Q. Tell us about Husky and Its product range? YR: Husky Injection Molding Systems is a leading industrial technology supplier to the plastics processing community. We design, manufacture and integrate the industry’s most comprehensive range of injection molding equipment, including machines, molds, hot runners, auxiliaries and integrated systems. Our value‐added services include preform development, part design, factory planning, customer training, systems integration and complete asset management. Customers use our equipment and services to produce a wide range of products for beverage and food packaging, medical, home care, beauty and personal care, automotive and consumer electronics markets. With more than 40 service and sales offices and employing approximately 4,000 people worldwide, Husky supports customers in over 140 countries. Our main manufacturing facilities are located in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, China, India and the Czech Republic. Our focus on a culture of innovation ensures it continually delivers state-of-the-art solutions to customers that reduce the total cost to produce and helps grow their business. Q. Tell us more about Husky India? DB: Husky has invested in the Indian market for many years now, making a commitment to offer local support, market knowledge and application expertise to develop tailored solutions for the region. We have continuously added and expanded our Sales and Service distribution in the last 25 years in the Rigid Plastics and Hot Runners markets. We have also invested heavily in manufacturing products in our large Chennai facility, which ships products locally to India and the South East Asia Region. The campus in Chennai provides technical solutions, project management and regionally manufactured Hot Runners to meet expedited lead-time for local customers on par with global quality. Q. You are one of the pioneers in Hot Runner System what are the latest technology offered by Husky? DB: Husky has been a market leader in Hot Runners through offering innovative solutions to customers to meet their growth needs. We have made great strides in gate quality, managing melt in the manifold and always ensuring reliability in performance. We offer customers our industry-leading Valve Gate System, UltraSync Technology, SideGate solutions for complex parts, and Servo Control Actuation along with our Altanium platform controllers that continue to dominate the hot runner market. We will be displaying a lot of new technology at DieMould in Mumbai, highlighting for customers our investment in the hot runner and mold controller market, and how our solutions can help them not only produce the best parts, but also grow their business. Q. Your solution for packaging industry is world class, what are the future trends from Husky? YR: The consumer goods market is rapidly changing as demographics shift behavior. At Husky, we recognize that to be competitive we must understand changing market demands and provide innovative solutions to meet these needs. Consumers are demanding more choice, which means a need for more SKUs and a more flexible supply chain supported by more flexible manufacturing solutions. Husky has several PET/packaging platforms to meet these needs, including our HyPET5e platform of PET preform molding systems, NexPET flexible preform molding solution, as well as our HyperSync and Hylectric systems for rigid and specialty closure packaging. Health consciousness drives smaller packages, and a demand for increased variety of beverages with sensitive contents, such as coconut and vitamin waters. These products require more, and better, protection. Husky’s revolutionary Multi-Layer Technology provides better protection for such package contents. A new generation of consumers and urbanization drives the need for more premium products that stand out on store shelves. And with digital shopping, a small 2D image must captivate, requiring innovative package design. Husky’s application capability with fast tooling conversion enables the transformation of existing packages to more attractive ones, and our decorative Multi-Layer capabilities create unique, never-before-seen package designs. Sustainable solutions in plastic packaging has never been more critical. At Husky, we have been focused on developing sustainable solutions for decades. From our three-layer, five-materials systems in the 1980s, to our recycled flake systems in the 1990s, and now our Multi-Layer post-consumer resin system, we have solutions that enable more sustainable packaging. Speed-to-market is the key to growing market share. Faster package redesign enables market share growth and premium market position. NGOM, Husky’s end-to-end digitalized manufacturing system, offers enhanced capabilities to deliver solutions with unmatched speed and flexibility, enabling our customers to be more competitive by effectively responding to changing consumer trends. Q. Everyone is talking about sustainability what is happening with Husky? YR: The sustainability of plastic packaging has been challenged, and we see it impacting our industry. Brand owners are increasingly making ambitious commitments to reduce plastic packaging, incorporate more recycled material, and ensure that packages are fully recyclable. Our industry is undergoing major transformation as a result, and we are working with our customers, suppliers, partners, industry associations and local and regional governments to ensure we are enabling the elimination of plastic waste and maintaining the value of highly recyclable material like PET. At Husky, we offer a variety of innovative solutions to help enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. This includes design for circularity, lightweighting, tethered closures and alternative materials. We are also working on a new development that will enable our customers to bring more than 60,000 tons of PET annually into the circular economy. This system works in conjunction with equipment that purifies the recycled material and eliminates intermediate steps, bringing additional value to the customer in both operational savings and material quality, leading to better packages. Q. How is the Indian market for Husky since its inception in India? DB: India is an important market for Husky and we are continuously investing in the region. We see the consumer packaging market demonstrating high growth and continually changing needs across different segments. We feel very privileged to be associated with national and regional players, bringing Husky expertise and innovative engineering to the market here. We have seen that many customers in India are looking to provide both regionally-focused and global products, and so they are looking for a partner who can provide valuable solutions while supporting them with service in India, and around the world. We have been able to offer local application solutions to our customers from our campus in Chennai, reducing lead-time of systems and tooling. This approach enables our customers to more efficiently and productively manufacture their products, and consequently get their products to market faster. Q. What’s the growth for Husky globally and with India? DB: We see very strong growth potential for Husky globally, and within India. We understand that market conditions and consumer demands are constantly evolving and we are committed to helping our customers find ways to better respond to these changes through the development of digitalized end-to-end manufacturing processes, flexible, scalable molding solutions and more sustainable packaging options. We work very closely with our customers to demonstrate our understanding of these changing market demands, and to showcase the novel, innovative technology solutions that can help our customers meet these dynamic needs. Collaborating with our customers, partners and suppliers around the globe allows us to develop integrated manufacturing solution that support our customers’ growth initiatives, and in turn help us maintain our industry-leading position. Q. What are your development in Industry 4.0 or digital platforms? YR: As the popularity of online shopping and e-commerce has increased, consumers are expecting more products, faster than ever before. Plastics producers are looking for accelerated speed-to-market, while still balancing costs and inventory levels. To satisfy this need, we have developed our Next Generation Operating Model (NGOM), which is a digitalised end-to-end manufacturing system that offers enhanced capabilities to deliver solutions with unmatched speed and flexibility. Our pioneering NGOM process has streamlined hardware ordering and manufacturing from a practice that historically takes several weeks down to a few hours. For the first time ever, customized stack components can be configured through a web interface and are then manufactured in a state-of-the-art laboratory through a completely automated process. In addition, because the virtual and physical environments work together within a closed loop, the system is able to continuously improve on the products and services delivered. Information is fed back into the system so Husky’s subject matter experts can regularly improve upon quality and speed. Q. What are your innovations in special applications for packaging? YR: Husky’s range of packaging machine platforms, including Hylectric 4.0, HyperSync and HyPAC, offer capabilities above industry standards for achieving higher performance, lower operating costs and flexibility suitable for innovative packaging solutions. Our packaging machines can be fully integrated with our Multi-Layer Technology solution. This technology relies on an advanced melt delivery system and enhanced flow front control to produce packaging with three-layer walls, where a core layer is sandwiched by another resin. This unique package design capability can enable enhanced product protection, by means of a barrier layer, or sustainability solutions where a post-consumer recycled material is fully encapsulated by a virgin resin. Our Multi-Layer Technology also enables customers to consider more attractive packaging options over alternative materials, such as metal cans, cartons, glass and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Hylectric 4.0 machines equipped with Multi-Layer Technology are used for manufacturing two-material pails where the use of PCR material in the core layer leads to significant resin savings. HyperSync machines integrated with Multi-Layer Technology are used for a range of applications where a barrier material increases the shelf life of a package. Some examples include coffee capsules and food containers. With HyperSync we also offer our revolutionary eIMC in-mold closing technology, which provides precise controlled closing of flip-top closures while still in the warm position. Overlapping of mold functions and profiled closing speed enable the fastest closing while maintaining the ideal force required for optimal part quality. eIMC in-mold closing technology provides up to 20 percent increase in productivity, with nearly two seconds saved per cycle depending on the application. Q. What message you want to give to the Indian Plastics and Packaging Industry? DB: India is an important region for Husky. Our goal is to deeply understand this market’s local economy and unique needs so we can continuously provide customers with the right mix of products, services and support. We have built strong relationships and experienced rapid growth since entering the market here, with continuous investment in our manufacturing facility in Chennai. To proactively support customers with an existing installed base, we also maintain a robust local parts inventory and team of highly skilled service technicians situated throughout the country to reach customers in the shortest amount of time possible. We are very excited about the growth our customers are experiencing and are proud of the collaborative relationship we maintain with them. We are excited to exhibit at the DieMould show later in 2020, and PlastIndia in 2021 to showcase our innovative solutions to the Indian market.