Easy demoulding with HASCO split mould kits


For demoulding moulded parts with a complex geometry, mouldmakers prefer to use split moulds. These allow undercuts on plastic parts to be demoulded. The splits act like slides and are matched to the full size of the mould. The standardisation of this concept means that complex components can be produced rapidly and easily.

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The HASCO K2500/… split mould series is designed as a modular system. Depending on the geometry of the injection moulded part, customers can choose between the K2500/… ejector type and the K2501/… stripper type.

The split moulds are available in eight basic sizes, each of which has five split heights.
They are graded according to mould size and are precisely coordinated with the standard dimensions of the HASCO range. The corresponding K2528/… splits, in quality steels 1.2767 and 1.2343 ESU, incorporate a machining allowance and the core retainer inserts K2531/… have to be ordered separately.

The HASCO concept enables maximum possible use of the working surfaces and an optimised split opening displacement, even if functional parts and the split actuation are accommodated within the mould dimensions. The length of the splits and the core retainer insert corresponds to the full width of the mould.

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The splits can be used without any restrictions on the cavity form and cooling. They allow a generous open position, secured by integrated spring plungers, which ensures the undisturbed drop of mouldings. The moulds have a readily adjustable dovetailed guide with a favourable length-to-width ratio that effectively prevents tilting. Self-lubricating split guides and guide bushings offer further advantages.

All in all, these properties enable a highly homogeneous and straight-line distribution of force and a harmonious movement. The dovetailed guide for the splits prevents any disruption due to tilted splits.

The standardised core retainer inserts are used for the inner form of the component.
The mould sizes of the split mould kits are between 100 x 130 mm and 296 x 296 mm,
with split heights of between 16 and 68 mm. All the dimensions are compatible with the HASCO K-range.

The data for the split mould kits is now available in the HASCO portal in parameterised form, opening up a wide range of new options for CAD design.