Brückner Maschinenbau at Chinaplas 2018

Focus on specialty film production Live at the booth: New lab stretcher generation


At Chinaplas 2018 in Shanghai, Booth 2L91, German film stretching line market leader Brückner Maschinenbau will present their latest concepts for the production of added-value plastics films.

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Live at the booth: New laboratory stretching machine KARO 5.0

For any kind of oriented film development, it is essential to perform all trials on completely reliable and accurate lab-stretching equipment. With more than 40 installed units, Brückner’s “KARO IV” has set a worldwide standard as the laboratory stretching machine. Whether for new packaging film recipes, optimized skin layers, high speed resins, and other applications such as capacitor film, battery separator film or optical films, the KARO IV has been an indispensable part of film development for many years.

Now the new “KARO 5.0” generation will come with a series of extended features which will be introduced for the first time at Chinaplas 2018. From mono-axial to bi-axial, sequential or simultaneous stretching, it offers enhanced possibilities, demonstrated live at the Brückner booth:

  • Ergonomic machine design for a more comfortable and convenient operation
  • New visualization system for an optimized, intuitive machine control
  • Better process control
  • Faster change of process settings and oven cooling function
  • Clip cooling system for faster trial sequences
  • Quieter machine operation
  • Less energy consumption

Battery separator film production lines: Exceptional width, unique simultaneous process

Brückner’s battery separator film technology presents the best of both worlds

  • Sophisticated and customized lines and components for the wet battery separator film production – for highest productivity and flexibility
  • Patented Evapore line concept including full process know-how and film guarantees – for energy efficiency and low production costs

At Chinaplas 2018 Brückner introduces two absolute world novelties:

  • A 5.5 m line concept for the wet process – the most powerful and efficient battery separator film technology on the market
  • The unique LISIM simultaneous process – applied to wet battery separator film production for the very first time
High performance BOPP and BOPET packaging film lines
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Chinese packaging film manufacturers ask for high output and low production costs. Brückner’s film stretching lines are the widest, fastest and most productive within the industry. Chinaplas visitors will get to know
·         BOPET lines with 10.4m working width for enhanced productivity
·         BOPP lines with significantly more than 60,000 tons/year of output
Combined with increased energy and raw material efficiency as well as the new operating concept “Easy Operation” Brückner’s packaging film lines significantly lower film producers’ total cost of ownership.

At the joint Brückner Group booth, besides Brückner Maschinenbau, visitors will also meet Brückner Servtec with their solutions for the profitable operation of film stretching lines, Kiefel, showing the latest developments for the packaging, automotive, medical & appliance industry, and PackSys Global, presenting advanced packaging equipment.

Brückner Maschinenbau, the world market leader for film stretching lines, is a member of the Brückner Group, Germany, a worldwide leading supplier of tailor-made engineering solutions and services for the plastics and packaging industry, with more than 2,500 employees. Other members of the group include Brückner Servtec, offering service & upgrading solutions for film stretching lines, Kiefel, specializing in machines for forming and joining plastic materials for a variety of industries, and PackSys Global, one of the world’s leading packaging equipment manufacturers.