The start-up that creates value with your waste


At the origin of this eco-responsible project and in favor of the circular economy, Matthieu Lukaski, a young Essonnien entrepreneur from the Pépite network. It was during a job that he got this idea, ” I saw this big round trash can where everyone threw their cups and I started to find out what we were able to do in terms of recycling.”, explains this one. Today, GobUse is installed at Station F, the largest start-up incubator in the world created by Xavier Niel.

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The principle? The start-up installs “GobMachine” in companies. These collectors of used plastic cups and bottles are once filled, collected, sorted and recycled by workers with disabilities.

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Raise awareness of the circular economy

In addition to allowing companies to promote their CSR policy, by supporting business creation and the development of employment for people with disabilities, they participate in the circular economy while no longer worrying about the management of waste within its premises.

At each installation, the start-up carries out an awareness campaign with its customers in order to enable employees to acquire or develop their knowledge on the topic of plastic waste recycling.