RENOLIT introduces phthalate-free range of calendered films in USA

American RENOLIT Corp (ARC)


RENOLIT introduces phthalate-free range of calendered films in USA
American RENOLIT Corp (ARC), a leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic films in the USA, is now offering its customers in the sign and graphics market phthalate-free films from its production site in La Porte, Indiana. The move demonstrates a strong commitment to proactively maintaining its leading position, both in terms of response to market and customer needs as well as compliance with regulations.
In just 18 years of operation in North America, ARC has helped transform the US calendered film market, improving product quality and closing the gap between calendered and cast films. Now, the company is stepping boldly into the future with a range of calendered films that contain no phthalates. The new phthalate-free films use a plasticizer that is based on an entirely different chemistry, which has been rigorously researched, developed, and tested over the last two years. These innovative products:
• Comply with regulations such as California’s Prop 65 and the EU’s REACH
• Provide the same high quality and reliability as the existing phthalate-based films
This latest investment is part of an ongoing commitment to the US market, which has seen ARC invest over $ 100 million in refurbishing and extending the La Porte plant over the last 18 years.
Dr. Axel Bruder, Executive Board Member at RENOLIT, said: “This innovation and the accompanying investments demonstrate our leading position and commitment to the American market. We will continue to set the standards, while using only the best raw materials and respecting our customers expectations.”
Customers of RENOLIT calendered films supply pressure-sensitive graphic film used as advertising, branding, informative, decorative and safety message carriers into markets increasingly demanding broader regulatory compliance.
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