ACL all set to be India’s No.1 Polymer Distribution Group?


Modern Plastics India and Modern Plastics Network Team Surveyed to Few Renowned Overseas Petrochemical Companies and Leading Plastics Processors Who Shared Their Experience on INDIAN Raw Material Market.

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According to an internal survey conducted by Modern Plastic India and Modern Plastics Network team to study current Raw material crisis, it was observed that most engineering plastics processor’s and users have common saying that ACL is their strong raw material partner and played a vital role to safeguard material availability when it really needed the most!

ACL (Ambica Corporation Limited) is all set to strengthen its wings by having one of highest customer satisfaction levels in India, especially during current raw material shortage crisis when most processors are cursing their Raw material supplier. Below are the few testimony from the survey : (NDA clause prohibits name )

Leading ABS Processor & USER:

“Current crisis on ABS are beyond anyone’s imagination, the only thing we could hear in market is the word Shortage, ACL never tried to cash in on manufacturers misery and in turn supported us with best prices and smooth material allocation with even better quality material. “Loyalty and relationship are best tested in crisis!”

Can’t imagine what would have been our business situation in current crisis , had we not partnered with ACL.


“ACL is the only source of information we can  rely on, it’s a blessing to have such honest and well informed raw material supplier, help us to stay ahead of current ongoing shortage”

PMMA Processor: 

“ACL is our PMMA supplier , we never face shortage in Raw material supply in PMMA, whereas few of our fellow manufacturers in market are struggling for every single ton of PMMA allocation , paying much higher prices to local traders unnecessary.

It changed our core ideology to always keep 2 raw material supplier for back up , instead we now 100% moved to ACL”.

Plastic Raw Material Importer and Trader :

“We used to be our Raw material  importer ourselves but we were surprised that same import grade for which we were rejected by overseas supplier due to lack of availability was offered by ACL easily to us at even lower price than our past imports.

Kudos to ACL ground work and their global  reach with one of the best trend picking sense in business . 

Now we decided to procure material locally from ACL minimizing our imports risk of price volatility / Foreign exchange rate volatility and High inventory risk of imports.

Plastic Processor (Exports only)

Best part of ACL is they inform us the price trend and global demand supply much before the event actually occur , their research is something have added value to our organization and helped us to expand export business.

Leading Home Appliance Maker:

Shortage or no shortage situation, we have always benefitted from ACL technical knowledge by introducing us the value added grades and materials which we never saw in India before, this  helped us reduce our Raw material cost by over 25-30% and also improve our product quality.

Leading Automotive Company:

We were very closed minded company using same raw material which have been using since past 10 years , we met ACL almost 3years ago and it changed our approach to keep us updated for new technology , new ideas and new material and new suppliers which can add value, this gave us chance to maximize our growth with fast advancing automotive demand .

We thank ACL to help us change our rigidity and in turn could capitalize opportunities which we couldn’t see in past.”

Leading Engineering Plastic Supplier :

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“India is one of fast emerging market, ACL with its reach and local market knowledge helped us to participate in this important market also achieved around 30% market share in less than 5years . We are proud to have ACL as our distribution partners for South Asia.

Leading Engineering Plastic Overseas Supplier:

“To cater big geographic market like India , we used to have 4-5 Sales partners in past out of which one was ACL, We can now very proudly say, ACL is now our only partner and sales channel for India .  Their performance, market understanding and work ethics are beyond our  expectations”.

Leading Petrochemical Company:

“Many petrochemical companies  have multiple Sales channel in same market , this is because,  in most cases we don’t find 

the correct single distribution company who have all the check Mark required to qualify  overseas petrochemical companies 

demand. This is the truth! In our case, we are lucky to have found ACL at very early stage, which helped the business compete with competitors instead of competing internally within the sales channels which is never healthy.

“ACL do what they commit”. This simplify lot of things and help us plan long term strategy with ACL .

Team ACL For Remarkable Journey of 65 Years in Indian Plastics Industry

Mr. Ginu Joseph, Global Editor, Modern Plastics India and TV In Conversation with CEO and Managing Director ACL:  Mr. Kuntal Sanghvi about How ACL played current ongoing global Raw material  shortage?“Advance planning in this uncertain Covid  year was challenging but our best motivation was the amount of trust and reliability our customers & suppliers have on us …this keeps us going and help to surpass every situation successfully . I can only say 2021 is not going to be much different in terms of uncertainties. So we gearing up studiously for Q2 and Q3. ” 

Is it true ACL will have another year to 100% growth rate in Covid year  2020-21? This was a year with almost One quarter of complete shut down globally Yes its true, this 2020-21 we all well positioned to have 100% growth YOY by 31st March 2021 One of the major credit goes to ACL India team, their SKILL and WILL to out perform in-spite of strict lookdown have helped ACL to rise above the situation and make 2020 another good financial year.

“A good team will always make their captain look better! ’’

What’s your plan to counter uncertainties in 2021 ?

To have accurate ground level understanding for each manufacturing zone in India on daily basis.

ACL will open 5 new Sales and Technical support offices in 5 key locations in India. This will help us and also our customers  By constant communication in right direction being close to them geographically. Also most importantly, ACL 2021 multi city expansion will create more jobs in tough times across various cities in India and help to bring best talents on board  to service our customers faster and more efficient. 

Covid year have been heavy for lot of players in market, do you think its wise move for such aggresive expansion plan for 5 new offices in single year with technical centers at such uncertain times ?

I strongly believe, any expansion done during global crisis time will have best value at lowest risk. We are very conservative optimistic people. 

Well said, Why you never easily available for interviews or public briefings / forums ? 

Sir, we need to make our work speak more than our World isn’t it ? A wise man once said  “1st you become rich then become a philosopher” 

All the best Mr. Kuntal Sanghvi, Good luck for your plans for 2021, and thank you for your time.

Thank you for having me and wish all your readers and viewers a safe and progressive 2021. Very Special Thanks  to all customers and suppliers who participated in your survey and overwhelmed to hear such kind words and affection showered to ACL.  

We will continue to support the business at all times Whether good market or bad market.

End of the day  it’s the synergy of mutual trust and common alignment of thoughts which will always be a winner.