The World’s first audible news portal for the Plastics Industry by Modern Plastics India


Your Modern Plastics India is now not only readable but also audible. The re-launch of our current portal comes with daily updates and you can read the articles and also listen. Our new audible feature will enable you to simply listen to the posted articles being read aloud even during transit or travelling on 

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In the 21st century, each day we are introduced to new technologies or witness an upgrade to the older one. We adapt to these technologies as they make our living easier. Similarly, to make your experience on our website hassle-free, we have re-launched our portal with the trending audible feature. The current and ongoing Covid-19 crisis has had an effect on our reading habits and reading lifestyle that may impact our future. And so, in order to make your reading experience easier, our revised website will be allowing its users to listen to the articles instead of reading them. After the unlocking phase, we too are unlocking this very special feature on Modern Plastics India website. Listening has proved beneficial to people’s lives and therefore listening to the articles will help you to make your business better by adding a vast amount of information on products and services, plastics industries, plastics news or plastics in general, the market trend, global affairs as well as technologies in the current scenario. All the information of the global and Indian Plastics Industries will be available on our site.

You can access the digital version of Modern Plastics India from 2011 at no cost at Our customers are our top priority and we strive to enhance and better your plastics knowledge. Our goal to guide your path by providing you access to our wide informative platform now comes with an audibility that allows you to hear the articles posted while also keeping you updated daily on present affairs in the plastics world. The access to our portal will be the same as before with availability to the most recent information along with the new feature that will read or describe out loud the articles that you wish to read while you just listen to them. Hope this will help all of you to achieve your goals.