Joint alliance aims to promote global recycling in the self-adhesive label industry

• Mondi joins CELAB (Circular Economy for Labels), an industry-led initiative founded by companies in the self-adhesive label industry to create greater circularity for its products • By joining this consortium, Mondi will facilitate collaboration with partners along the industry’s value chain in order to facilitate the recycling of release liners


In joining CELAB, Mondi and other leading companies from the self-adhesive label industry will facilitate collaboration at a global level, foster regional initiatives, and encourage the universal adoption of industry best practices.

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“We are happy to be part of a globally focused platform for release liner recycling solutions. CELAB is a valuable resource to address one of our industry’s most difficult challenges. Mondi is committed to sustainability and working along the value chain with our partners in order to contribute to a better world by making innovative, sustainable packaging and paper solutions. As this is a priority for us, we joined the consortium shortly after its founding, and we are very involved in several workstreams in order to support CELAB’s mission. This platform will facilitate improved circularity for matrix and release liner products, and we look forward to work collaboratively with our industry peers,” said Wilhelm Munninger, Technical Director Release Liner.

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A Mondi Release Liner sample.

CELAB will operate as a coalition, empowered to work along the entire value chain to promote a circular economy for self-adhesive label materials. The new consortium includes a global steering committee and regional branches in Europe and North America, with plans to expand to other regions in the future. The regional branches are designed to address the wide variance in production processes and recycling capability in different markets. Work streams are organised to address various aspects of matrix and release liner recycling, including analysing technical issues, promoting the use and creation of recycling networks, interacting with government regulators, and educating the industry and public. /