Streamrunner – The new additively manufactured hot runner system


For decades, HASCO has stood for innovations and future oriented technologies . In 2016, additive manufacturing found its way into the production of hot runner manifold blocks. Since then, the experts at HASCO hot runner have been continuously gaining further experience in this topic, which is unique in the hot runner industry.

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The findings from numerous studies and tests form the basis for the development of an innovative hot runner system , which enables completely new design freedom for mold makers and injection moulders.

The official market launch of the additively manufactured hot runner system took place at the K-Messe 2019, which aroused great interest. Since then, several customer projects successfully realized and thus the advantages of the system are proven. In order to enable clear identification and strengthen differentiation, HASCO hot runner will market this innovative technology under the product name Streamrunner  in the future .

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High quality injection molded parts due to the lowest shear stress

The Streamrunner  is an additively manufactured hot runner manifold with the highest degree of freedom in construction. With this technology, the flow channels can be optimally designed rheologically by completely avoiding sharp edges and areas with poor flow. This material-friendly melt flow leads to a significantly lower shear stress in the plastic and, as a result, to a better quality of the injection- molded parts . A color change can also be carried out more quickly thanks to the flow-optimized design , as the melt can be divided and the material can be deflected over generous radii.

By completely eliminating the need for deflection elements, the Streamrunner  can be made very compact if required. Depending on the application, very small pitch dimensions from 18 mm can be realized. The overall height of the distributor can also be reduced to 26 mm , which means that it is significantly below the other distributors available on the market. In combination with separately adjustable nozzles, all the advantages of this unique system become even clearer.

The Streamrunner  impresses with its compactness and maximum degree of freedom

HASCO hot runner offers with the Streamrunner  completely new possibilities in hot runner technology. On the basis of simulation-supported analyzes, specialists develop individual solutions for specific tasks.