More comfort in surface


Those who reduce measuring times gain in efficiency. This is exactly where Mahr comes in with the latest generation of measuring stations for contour and roughness measurement. The devices of the MarSurf CD , MarSurf GD and MarSurf VD series are optimized to accelerate the measuring processes and to simplify handling. To achieve this goal, Mahr has increased the axis speed, developed an innovative clamping system and equipped the probe system with intelligence.

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New control panel for greater ease of use

The new MarControl now supports measurement technicians in their work with the measurement stations of the MarSurf CD, MarSurf GD and MarSurf VD series. Among other things, it allows the continuous manual control of the axes as well as the continuous limitation of the path speed while creating and testing automatic measuring processes. Measurement programs can also be selected and started using the new manual control panel. The MarControl HMI can also be used to touch the workpiece comfortably and safely.