Eco-friendly water bottle made from biobased plastic and sugar


Sugary drinks aren’t exactly an athlete’s first choice. But what about putting sugar right into the water bottle itself? The VAUDE Bike Bottle Organic is the world’s first water bottle that has earned the Green Shape label. It consists of a biobased plastic made from sugarcane. The bottle is tasteless, suitable for carbonated beverages and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. And best of all: it is produced in Germany

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For centuries, sugarcane has been known as a useful plant for the production of sugar and rum. The Caribbean and Brazil are classic growing regions with their tropical climates. But this plant – the sweetest of them all – can do even more. As it grows, it absorbs CO2 from the air and bioethanol can be extracted from the sweet sucrose juice, which is then used to produce environmentally friendly “green” plastic.

Bike bottles made from bioethanol

You can not only fill the tank of your car with bioethanol – for an even better solution, you can use it to make the “tank” itself – like we did with the VAUDE Bike Bottle Organic. VAUDE has brought various partners on board for its first organic water bottle, such as the Brazilian company Braskem, a specialist in organic plastics, which supplies the raw material for the bottle. The bottle is manufactured by Adoma, a plastics processing company in Wangen in the Allgäu region of southern Germany. Existing machines and molded parts could be used, but the trick was to find the right plastic mixture and machine settings for temperature, pressure and melting point.

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Organically correct in form and function

The material for the bite valve, lid and the bottle itself is biopolyethylene. This is not only absolutely tasteless and naturally BPA-free, it also helps to conserve fossil raw materials and reduce CO2 emissions. The biobased material is 100 % recyclable.

The bottle has a capacity of 750 ml and the fill level is always visible thanks to the plastic’s transparency. It features a contoured design to hold the bottle securely in a bike’s bottle cage and to make it easy to grip. Thanks to the special closure system, the VAUDE Bike Bottle Organic is also leak-proof for carbonated beverages up to 1 bar. This long-lasting water bottle can even be filled with boiling water and cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to its clever design, the screw cap doesn’t require a rubber seal which makes it easier to clean. The bottle fits into all conventional bike bottle cages.

Like any other plant, sugarcane absorbs and binds large amounts of CO2 as it grows. It has a lifespan up to 20 years. The raw material for bottles is obtained from sustainable sugarcane cultivation in Brazil. The fourth and fifth harvests of existing agricultural land, which provide too little sugar content for the sugar industry,
are increasingly being used. The BonSucro production standard aims at fair working conditions, resource efficiency, biodiversity and is in conformity with the
EU agricultural guidelines. Genetically modified plants are taboo.