Plastiflex announces asset acquisition of commercial, industrial vacuum and swimming pool hose business


We are pleased to announce an all asset acquisition of the VacPro, Armor and RV related commercial, industrial and swimming pool hose lines of Smooth-Bor Plastics.  This asset acquisition by the Plastiflex Group will not include this line of medical device hoses, which will continue to be manufactured by and under this name.

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In this all asset acquisition, the Plastiflex Group will assume the production assets and manufacturing responsibility for all Smooth-Bor Plastics VacPro, Armor and RV hoses upon completion of a transitional period.  The asset transfer will include all brands, patents and other IP rights, as well as production equipment and related items utilized exclusively in production of the referenced hoses.

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Plastiflex believes this asset acquisition will allow them to further improve their position in the pool and industrial markets and provide both operational and commercial benefits to all VacPro, Armor and RV customers.  As such, we look forwarding to providing customers with the same high level of product quality and service previously provided by Smooth-Bor Plastics.