A Truly Inspirational and Motivational Journey of Shri Madhusudan


Shri Madhusudan Balvantrai Shah was one of the most versatile plastics professional who turned into a successful entrepreneur, and respected for his missionary service to the plastics industry. He was a first class Plastics Technologist with over 6 decades of experience in various plastics fields, and a well-known personality both in the Indian plastics industry & globally in various countries especially in Europe & Asia. He remained an enthusiastic learner as well as a teacher of plastics all through his life.

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Shri Madhu Shah, – Madhubhai to his friends, obtained his B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in 1956 from Bombay University and then joined the University Dept. of Chemical Technology and studied Plastics Technology under Prof. N R Kamat. He graduated from UDCT obtaining B.Sc. Tech in Plastics Technology with first class in the year 1958. He chose the less known field of Plastics for making his career over other more popular career streams and this remained as his characteristic nature throughout his life.

In his pursuit of gaining in-depth knowledge, he chose to work in plastics processing factory. The hands-on working experience on shop-floor helped him experiment with his creativity to find innovative solutions to various problems encountered in processes and build skills to relate with people. Some of his early accomplishments were means developed to segregate tons of plastics PS, PE, CA, CAB etc.- swept off the floor with non-plastic extraneous materials into individual reusable plastics raw materials, producing LDPE film for laminating on bituminized Hessian cloth,  developing Poly-sleeves for Tea Garden Nurseries (Tea-saplings). This phase was followed by new product developments such as

(a) direct Polycoated jute with permissible low WVP, a challenge overcome by machine modifications and improved process technology on Zimmer,

(b) developing special  polycoated / sandwiched papers for Defence to meet stringent requirements,

(c)  producing blow molded bottle crate (BEKUM),

(d) producing rigid PVC clear / opaque bottles- and product launch to successful commercialization of products.

The Visionary

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In 1979, Madhubhai joined SLM-Maneklal, where he took upon the challenge of convincing entrepreneurs to buy sophisticated automatic but costly Kautex-Maneklal, Blow molding & Toshiba-Maneklal Injection molding machines.  He designed strong value aided customer support services to help them succeed in new / existing ventures.

Having gained wide experience on product, processing and building people relationships during his professional career, Madhubhai started his entrepreneurial career in 1984. Initially, it was a consultancy firm to help entrepreneurs set up new projects after proper market survey and/or to upgrade the production technology in the existing plants so that the company becomes a producer of a top class product and remains competitive.

From 1991 onwards his emphasis changed over to marketing.  In view of his exposure to the international plastics industry, he could easily develop business relationships especially with technocrat owned overseas companies producing high-tech products at competitive prices. Thus, Madhu Marketing & Services was born, providing innovative pioneering solutions, and a quality supplier of Machines, Hot Runner Systems, Conventional / Innovative Ancillaries / Molds & Mold parts & complete Tooled up project, many of which are being introduced for the first time in the Indian Plastics Industry. In view of his pioneering efforts, he is widely regarded as the ‘father’ of the Hot Runner Industry evolution in India.

As a further service to the Plastics Industry, Madhubhai established ‘TECHNOLOGY CENTRE’ of Madhu Machines & Systems Pvt Ltd, in Bangalore.  The centre provides additional knowledge to students passing out from institutes like NTTF, CIPET, IPI etc. on Plastics Processing machines, Innovative ancillaries, Hot runner system, Mold parts, etc. The company, in its current form was established at Vadodara and further expanded in manufacturing activity at Bangalore since 2012 producing Speciality Ancillaries, Additional Injection Units and Hot Runner Controllers under its own brand for domestic and overseas markets. The company now has two manufacturing units in Bangalore with service support infrastructure across all major plastics industrial centres throughout the country.

An Industry Patron

Madhubhai firmly believed in paying back to the plastics industry from which he had benefited all along.  He was active member and Secretary of Plastics & Rubber Institute (Bombay Chapter) in 70’s and was totally dedicated and committed to the Plastics Industry and Plastics Institute. In recognition of his contribution to the development of plastics industry and services to the Plastics and Rubber Institute (LOND) and later to Indian Plastics Institute, he was awarded AMPRI (LOND) in 1974, FPRI (LOND) in 1984 & FIPI (Ind) in 2003. Another highlight was when he was recognized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce for having furthered & greatly influenced the Indo-Austrian trade  for equipments used in the plastics industry in the year 2008.   He was awarded the most prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” by IPI in 2013.

He has actively served as Convener and Chairman Vadodara Chapter, Chairman of International Conference Committee for two terms and as President of IPI.  He was also a Managing Committee member of PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION for 3 years (2003-2006) and also a Chairman of Education Committee of PIF during the said period.  He conducted 2 day Programmes on ‘UPGRADATION OF PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY’ at Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.  He has also served as Paper Setter and Examiner at UDCT & HBTI (Kanpur) & Hon. Lecturer at IIP, GIRDA & IPI. Madhubhai greatly contributed towards the conceptualization and modernization of the diploma (DIPI) course at Indian Plastics Institute.

A Complete Human Being…

Throughout his life, Madhubhai was connected with various social service activities and especially involved with Brahma Kumaris. His passion for singing and playing music kept him connected with finer joys of life.

Madhubhai will be long remembered for his enthusiasm, entrepreneurship and servitude towards the Plastics Industry .