Located in Toledo, Pramix reached sales of six million euros in 2019 after registering growth of 10% in the year


Caiba acquires Pramix, specialized in polyethylene plastic containers

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Caiba, a pioneer company in Spain in the plastic packaging sector specializing in the design and manufacture of PET preforms and packaging, has acquired Pramix , a Toledo family company specializing in the manufacture of plastic containers Polyethylene mainly for the food, home and personal hygiene sector.

The acquisition of Pramix is part of the plan that Caiba launched – after the entry of Nazca Capital into the company’s shareholders – to consolidate its national growth by betting on the continuous increase of its client portfolio, the development and innovation of new materials, products and formats, and the entry into new market segments.

Pramix has a solid client portfolio, formed by large leading companies in its markets in Spain with which it has long-term relationships thanks to the extensive catalog of products, the ability to adapt to its customers in terms of design and molds and quality of your service Located in Las Ventas de Retamosa (Toledo), it has two contiguous warehouses in which it operates more than 14 extrusion-blown lines and in which more than 40 workers work.

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Caiba showed interest in Pramix thanks to its positioning in polypropylene and high density polyethylene containers, material used in sectors such as food, cosmetics, personal hygiene and household products, which allow to continue diversifying the portfolio of products and sectors of Caiba .

In 2019, Pramix reached sales of 6 million euros, 10% more than in 2018. The integration plan includes continuing to grow thanks to the positive dynamics of the Pramix business , the continuity of its management team and Caiba’s support in your current customers and new accounts in their markets.

José Luis Baños, General Director of Caiba , affirms that “the purchase of Pramix confirms the commitment to the growth of Caiba, that with the new acquired capacities it will continue working with its clients and those of Pramix to offer new solutions and expand the national coverage, by gaining presence in the center of the Peninsula ”.

Caiba designs, manufactures and markets both preforms and packaging for the main consumer sectors with a portfolio of more than 800 clients that include the main companies in the food, beverage and personal and household hygiene sectors. Based in Valencia, Caiba has around 200 employees and has 45,000m 2 of production facilities distributed in the Valencia plants (opened in 2012 and one of the most modern plants in Europe) and Jaén (world leading region in production of olive oil, mostly packaged in PET), from which it produces and distributes both the domestic and export markets. Additionally, CaibaIt is the leading integration development company (where the blowing process is carried out at the client’s own facilities), with a total of 14 installations. Caiba is also one of the companies with the largest installed capacity in Spain (59 injection, blow or injection-blow molding machines) and in 2019 it manufactured more than 1.4 billion units.