Now introducing an exclusive cooperation between SANITIZED Preservation and LuminUltra Technologies


Microbe-free paints and coatings: Quick test helps minimize the use of preservatives!

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The market trend is clear: Paints and coatings should contain as few preservatives as possible. The challenge for the industry: Especially when it comes to water-based paints, spores and bacteria take hold in just seconds during production. Once contaminated, mould and bacteria are the unfortunate results. Conversely, there is also high price to pay when forgoing the use of preservatives – increasing product returns and damage to a company’s reputation as a result of complaints.

SANITIZED Preservation AG, a specialist in antimicrobial paint and coatings protection, ‘in-can’ and during production, storage, and use, has transformed this latest market trend into a new service. In cooperation with LuminUltra Technologies, the leading expert for microbial assessments, the quick test, LUMINULTRA will now be offered during production. As a result, the usual wait for laboratory results is now a thing of the past. The benefit: valuable time is saved as the test results are available in just minutes! After all, time is so important as microbes can multiply in paints and varnishes exponentially! When microbial growth is suppressed quickly, fewer biocides are needed.

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Precise testing measures the amount of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and therefore delivers concrete information about the intensity of a contamination. Based on these results, a minimum custom additive dose can be accurately determined to suppress the microbes. In addition, tailored recommendation for combinations of active ingredients can contribute to reducing the dose.

“SANITIZED Preservation supports the paint industry in finding the right balance in order to provide water-based paints with the minimum necessary dose of anti-microbial additives for protection,” explains David Tierney, CEO SANITIZED Preservation AG. “MIT-free is of course a given feature,“ he adds.

Sustainability-conscious paint and coating manufacturers now have the possibility to keep the additive dosage to a minimum so that the requirements of relevant Eco labels, such as “Blauer Engel” (Germany) or “Green Label” (China) are fulfilled.