In collaboration with our partner company Schunk we have developed the new KIT System.


The purpose of this development was that the designer could save on time when creating the complete gripper systems. Givingthe designer the possibility to consult the different solutions in the design of Grippers (EOAT) just with one supplier.

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From the ISO flange to the gripper adapter – parallel gripper to gripper jaw, including special solutions for the adapted standard components.

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 Being this solution, also very appreciated by the department of special machine engineering.The ISO flanges directly provided with the prismatic profile are available in 4 sizes:ISO 31.5 – ISO 40 – ISO 50 and ISO 63 in each case with Prism P13 and P22.The profile adapters are available for all common Schunk Grippers such as e.g. MPG, JPG, KGG, MPZ, JGZ, SWG, PRG, MPC and the electric gripper EGP.Here the precision for dowel pin or fit – centring is incorporated. The adapter gripper jaws are available with prisms P13 and P22 depending on the handling weight.

Also, the gripping jaws are available in the version with prism and rubber coating depending on the shape of the component to be gripped.