Gripperarm with precise non rational shaft


With the extraction of plastic components it happens more often, that the inaccuracies or tolerances must be compensated. Therefore, we use normally spring loaded gripper arms for this balancing, which should be in any case light and bring a good sliding property. Even, they are used in combination with easy vacuum cups or sprue grippers.

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For this purpose AGS has developed a new gripper arm series. These gripper arms are made entirely of aluminium, so they are extremely light. And coating the sliding surfaces with a special material. The special feature is the anti-rotation device, whichismadeby 4 slotsinthe plunger, throughwhichtheballsmove.

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We offer the well-known diameters 10mm, 14mm and 20mm. All clamp diameters have 2 stroke lengths.

The vacuum cups can be screwed directly into the head of the gripper arms. For that purpose, to adapt the suction cup to the piece in an optimal way, there is also a variation with adjustable head.

If you need to fix sprue grippers or gripper fingers, there is a version with a prism clamp as well.