arburgXworld – the digital world of ARBURG


At K 2019 offers more digital ARBURG world than ever before. The idea of ‘arburgXworld’ stands for much more than our customer portal of the same name At ten interactive stations along the “Road to Digitalisation”, visitors are able to learn more about smart machines, smart production and smart services. New to the digital product and service portfolio are, for example, the filling assistant and the plasticising assistant.  ARBURG’s six proven assistance packages, the ARBURG host computer system (ALS), the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) and the ARBURG Remote Service (ARS) will also be presented at K 2019. All ALLROUNDER injection moulding exhibits are provided with so-called “Basis Connectivity”, i.e., they have an IIoT-Gateway and can be interconnected with the higher-ranking ARS and arburgXworld” customer portal systems easily and standardised using interfaces. In addition, there are further apps and functionalities for the customer portal such as the SelfService, the Dashboard for the machine status and the control system simulator.

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