SML inaugurates new headquarters


With the construction of its new headquarters on a green field near Redlham, Upper Austria, SML has set up one of the world’s most advanced centres for extrusion technology. It hosts state-of-the art production sites for plastics processing machinery as well as campus-like R&D and training facilities with an architecture that inspires the creation of extrusion solutions of tomorrow. For SML, the new HQ is both a landmark for its long-lasting success as a company and a solid basis for further growth and development

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After eighteen short months of intensive construction work, SML’s new headquarters opened – exactly on time – in April 2019. The re-location of all business units to the new site ran smoothly and without delays in production. “For us at SML, the inauguration of our new HQ is a clear symbol for our determination to further expand our leading position in the field of extrusion technology in the upcoming decades,” says Karl Stöger, managing director of SML.

SML Technology Centre: The invalueable innovation cluster at SMLs new headquarters

A true highlight of SML’s headquarters is its brand-new Technology Centre which hosts the R&D activities. With more than 3000 m² in size, it offers a competence center for extrusion technology, several demonstration lines in productions scale, laboratories with state-of-the-art testing equipment as well as campus-like spaces for meetings and trainings.

Creating solutions together

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SML’s Technology Centre is running ready-for-sale demonstration lines, both for internal trials as well as for joint R&D projects with customers. Together with its partners, SML is using these lines to test new raw materials, to improve the properties of end products, to optimize manufacturing processes and to work on new products.

The Technology Centre in SML’s newly inaugurated headquarters offers a big variety of testing facilities for all aspects of SML’s products. SML is steadily adding new lines to its Technology Centre.  

Perfect working environment

The new site has a total built-up floor area of 42,000m², a substantial part of it is covered with one of the most modern production facilities for plastics processing machinery in Europe. An architectonical high-light of the new HQ is the atrium in the spacious office area, that serves as venue for company events and informal meetings. All facilities of SML’s new HQ were designed to offer perfect working conditions, promoting innovation and the communicative interaction among employees.

Optimizing processes in manufacturing and logistics

SML’s new production site allows highest flexibility in manufacturing. In combination with optimized logistical sequences, machinery production at the new plant is becoming more efficient. After years of continuous growth, for SML it was necessary to avoid bottlenecks in production and to secure the reliability of delivery times. Due to an overall improvement of operating processes, throughput times are reduced and productivity in each business unit is raised.