Friul Filiere, has focused in the research of solutions that allow high productive performances of profiles and tubes made of both plastic and metal, where for metal we are referring to copper (in wires and bars), aluminium (sheets) and so much more. The compatibility among such different materials is complex and currently, at international level, there are very few companies that possess the necessary know how of process.

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Already known for the creation of plants for the production of electrified profiles with inserts of copper wires (up to 12) coated with PVC and plants for the coating of flexible copper bars (up to 12), Friul Filiere has recently created innovative solutions able to combine the use of metal and plastic.

For the industrial home appliances sector, a new plant of great technological value was designed and produced which focuses on the extrusion of complex technical profiles: it’s a customized solution for the extrusion of complex technical profiles where an aluminium sheet is coextruded with thermoplastic material on one side and covered with a protective film on the other. In addition to the obvious difficulty that involves the passage of an aluminium sheet (which should not be scratched) inside the die, there were also other customers’ needs: high extrusion rates, centesimal tolerances and impeccable aesthetics of the finished profile which had to be used in applications in view in the Luxory Kitchens sector.

For the electricity sector, a multifunctional system has been realized which is able to coat flexible copper bars in variable combinations for number, width and thickness of bars. A colored band can be coextruded on the plasticized PVC and TPE coating sheath thanks to the addition of masterbatches.

In this context we have the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of a different system, but just as complex, created by Friul Filiere which it also solves the metal-plastic combination in extrusion: it is the plant for covering stripwound metal tubes.

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First of all, we have to underline how the company is able to supply machines and equipment for the production of metal tube cladding with open coils, closed coils and open coils but without material to fill the spaces. in these three cases the processes underlying the extrusion are totally different.

A dedicated system carries the metal pipe up to the entry into a die head, built according to flow logics that allow the homogenous distribution of the plastic material on the metal surface.

In this particularly delicate phase the procedure and the times with which the raw material reaches the extrusion head play a fundamental role; this is why the automatic choice of the extruder has proved to be the ideal choice that allows, thanks to volumetric dosing systems, to control the weight and the discharging into the hopper.

As the sole reference for the supply of turnkey projects, for the customer Friul Filiere hasn’t only taken care of extrusion plants, equipment and downstream but it has also provided the accessory units that, inserted in line, allow the customer to obtain a product finished.

The realization of a complete plant of equipment able to satisfy such demanding requirements, has brought the maximum satisfaction to Friul Filiere – which confirms itself as an excellence of Made in Italy in the world – and to its customers, who before the meeting with the Friulian company were used to receive a negative response in their search for a supplier that was able to handle very ambitious projects.