A single mold but endless possibilities for customization: this is what ITM offers , the insert solution developed by PET Engineering, which has allowed Heineken Russia to market two new packaging at a lower cost and with an investment that is planned even more moderate in the future.

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The new shape of the Heineken Russia 3 Medvedya brands, one of the most popular Russian national brands, Okhota and Okckoe, turns out to be simple and eye-catching and, at the same time, flexible thanks to the possibility of easily changing the aesthetics and format through the application of interchangeable inserts : this intervention allows you to insert new decorations, to move and resize the label area and, lastly, to change the volume, also in anticipation of future down-sizing to the formats from 1.30le 1.25l.

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A single shape that will give rise to infinite variations, useful in the case of insertion of new SKUs in porfolio, with contained implementation costs: for Heineken Russia, in fact, it will no longer be necessary to purchase new sets of molds to renew the image of its products but simple inserts with a saving that will be all the more important the more variants are implemented. Furthermore, by using the same shape and maintaining the maximum overall dimensions, expensive online format changeover operations will no longer be necessary.

The 115 sets of molds supplied to Heineken (1 set = 1 mold + 2 inserts), and sorted in 7 Russian factories, were equipped with lighter, lubricant-free and machined composite components, for greater durability, with the application of the ceramic coating that ensures high wear resistance combined with a low coefficient of friction, greater resistance to corrosion and an antibacterial and self-cleaning action