NORMA Group to develop thermal management systems for electric vehicles of Chinese car manufacturer


NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has received an order from a leading Chinese car manufacturer to develop and supply thermal management systems for electric vehicles. The complete systems ensure thermal management of the electric motor, power electronics, charging technology and the driver’s cabinet. They thus make an important contribution to the energy management and increase the range of the vehicles. By 2024, around half a million electric cars for the Chinese market will be equipped with systems from NORMA Group.

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“The order shows that major automobile manufacturers place their trust in NORMA Group’s technological leadership in joining technology for alternative drives such as electric mobility. We are delighted to be developing these thermal management systems in close cooperation with the customer,” says Bernd Kleinhens, CEO of NORMA Group. “It is part of our corporate strategy to support our customers as a competence leader and development partner in new markets.”

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NORMA Group’s complex thermal management systems combine thermoplastic multilayer pipes, PS3 connectors, integrated temperature sensors, RSGU pipe retaining clips and valves. Manufacturing the pipes from thermoplastics reduces their weight by around 30 percent compared with conventional elastomer pipes. Due to the lower weight, less drive energy is required, relieving the load on the battery cells. Special pipe designs optimized with the help of computer simulation ensure an even flow of the coolant and thus support the homogeneous temperature control of the individual functional systems. Integrated temperature sensors are used for continuous temperature control. NORMA Group’s connectors enable quick, easy and safe assembly.

The thermal management piping systems are produced at NORMA Group’s plant in Qingdao, China, one of a total of four production sites in China. Local production enables the customer to benefit from short delivery times and optimal service.