HRScool Enables Hot Runner Systems with Uncooled Cylinder

By using the HRScool technology in hot runner systems, separate cooling of the cylinders becomes superfluous in a wide variety of applications. Supporting columns with very small contact surfaces minimize the transfer of heat from the hot mold plate to the cylinder, while a height-adjustable cover made of a highly heat-conductive material ensures maximum heat dissipation from the cylinder to the cold platen.

HRScool is an innovative solution for hot runner injection molding, in which the otherwise necessary water cooling of the corresponding actuator can be dispensed with.

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The key to this is the twice optimized temperature management system, in which insulating supporting columns with a minimal contact surface reduce the input of heat from the hot runner to the cylinder housing. This, in turn, is provided with a cover with a large, flat surface made of thermally conductive material. The integrated telescopic design enables maximum heat dissipation from the cylinder to the cold platen. The many advantages derived from using HRScool come about because there is no longer any need for elements such as cooling lines, channels and connections that are otherwise necessary for active cooling.

Consequently, assembly and handling costs are reduced. Machine availability increases because problems with clogged cooling circuits and the degradation of hydraulic fluids can no longer occur, thereby lowering operating costs. Furthermore, the compact design of systems with HRScool takes up less space in the molding tool. Because this results in an optimum uniform temperature distribution along the entire hot runner system, higher molding quality can be achieved and, thanks to the bayonet coupling, the valve pin can remain in the hot runner system when cylinders have to be removed.