Maag Americas Announces New COLORex™ Color Mixer

The COLORex™ is used to mix product in-line with a pulverizer to eliminate the typical cleanup time of a central mixer.


Maag Americas adds The ColoRex™ Color Mixer to its line of Ambient Pulverizers. The COLORex™ is used to mix product in-line with a pulverizer to eliminate the typical cleanup time of a central mixer. It is designed for most polymers and for production rates up to 907 kg/h (2,000 lbs/hr).

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The COLORex™ can also be used off-line with a loader system and multiple feeders. The COLORex™ mixer is a great alternative to traditional high-speed mixers which are time consuming and costly to clean and maintain.

The COLORex™ Color Mixer will allow the operator to color natural or virgin resins directly out of the pulverizer or from a silo. This is a high intensity mixer that will incorporate any pigment or additive homogeneously.

The COLORex™ Color Mixer is controlled by variable frequency drive for the motor speed and 480V for the mixer itself. The loss-in-weight feeder (LWF) uses 110V. International voltages available.

Spare parts are available upon request.


  • ColoRex™ Color Mixer is portable, easily moved to alternate locations
  • On Demand Color (portable, versatile)
  • Eliminates Batch Mixing
  • Changeover time decreased (i.e. from black to yellow in under 1 hour)
  • No confined space permits needed
  • Color straight from the pulverizer or a weigh station


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  • Process rate up to 907 kg/h (2,000 lbs/hr), depending on material and density
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • 73 kW (5 HP, 1750 RPM) Motor
  • Adjustable height for all models
  • CE approved
  • The Loss-in-Weight twin screw feeder is capable of rates as low as 0.01% and up to 4%
  • Color Mixer can also accept liquid color or additives
  • Screw design is adjustable for better dispersion
  • Quick clean-up
  • Better ergonomics than the competition

Photo: Maag ColoRex™ Color Mixer

Information about Maag:

Maag is the worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, filtration systems and pulverizers for demanding applications in the plastics, chemical, petrochemical, pharma and food industries. Maag develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative, customized solutions for complete pump and pelletizing systems – with the expertise based on its long-term industrial tradition since 1910.

Maag is known around the globe as a pioneer and technology leader in the development and manufacture of gear pumps and complete system solutions tailored to customer needs. The company has for decades been renowned for the quality and innovative technology of its pelletizing solutions. In 2018 Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH has joined the Maag family, thereby extending the product portfolio to include high performance melt filters and injection molding machines.

Maag manufactures in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA and China, with additional sales offices in France, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand and Brazil and employs more than 1000 staff. It is represented in the markets with its brands „Maag Pump & Filtration Systems“, „Automatik Scheer Strand Pelletizers“, „Gala Automatik Underwater Pelletizers“ and „Reduction Pulverizing Systems“. Maag, a Dover Corporation Company, is a business unit of Dover Fluids.