K 2019 Düsseldorf – Driving force for innovation and international business

Messe-Duesseldorf the organizers of K 2019 - the World’s No.1 Trade Fairfor Plastics and Rubber, arranged media and industry interaction at Ahmedabad and Mumbai during the second week of March 2019.


Messe-Duesseldorf the organizers of K 2019 – the World’s No.1 Trade Fairfor Plastics and Rubber, arranged media and industry interaction at Ahmedabad and Mumbai during the second week of March 2019. On the panel in Ahmedabad, were Mr. Werner M. Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Board of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Dr. Büschl – Member of Exhibitors’Council K 2019, Mr. Thomas Schlitt – Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf India&Mr. JigishDoshi–President,PlastIndiaFoundation,whilethepanel in Mumbai had Mr. Werner M. Dornscheidt, Chairman of the Board of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Dr. Büschl – Member of Exhibitors’ Council K2019, Mr. Thomas Schlitt – Managing Director, Messe Düsseldorf India, Mr. Ajay Shah – National Executive Council Chairman, Plast India 2021 & Mr. Meela Jayadev – President, AIPMA who interacted and updated the Industry on the latest developments at K 2019 , market trends and Industryinsights”

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More than 3,000 businesses from the plastics and rubber industry will again present products, processes and practical solutions for a productive and responsible future.

K Düsseldorf has been the most important meeting place of the international plastics and rubber industry for 68 years – and counting. At tri-annular intervals, exhibitors and visitors from all global continents come together in Düsseldorf in order to present and experience at first hand leading edge developments and products from this dynamic and innovative industry. They use the opportunities offered by the K flagship fair, a unique information and networking platform for innovators seeking new prospects. Only in Düsseldorf, can visitors experience and compare such a varied and international range of developments, solutions and trends and enjoy a practical discourse with experts. Only the K trade show features such a high density of international product launches. In terms of importance, the K plastics flagship fair leaves all other international events of its kind far behind.

K 2019 – Global flagship fair

K 2019, which will welcome the international plastics and rubber industry to its exhibition centre in Düsseldorf/Germany from 16 until 23 October, has been booked out for months. More than 3,000 exhibitors from more than 60 nations will take part. As usual, the largest group of exhibitors comes from Europe, particularly from Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Turkey, but there is also an impressive number of participants from the US. At the same time, the K trade fair is a clear indicator of changes in the global market: over the past few years, the number of participating Asian companies and the exhibition area that they have booked has been rising steadily, and this year, particularly China, Taiwan, India, Japan and South Korea will be impressing visitors with their prominence. As the K trade fair features a wide abundance of companies from all over the world, the spotlight is not only on the major issues that concern the industry – such as energy, resource and material efficiency – but also on niche segments.

As always, K 2019 exhibitors will be presenting their products and servicesin all of the venue’s 18 halls with a total area of almost 174,000 m2. Products and services, grouped by topic, will be located in the following halls:

  • Machines and equipment: Halls 1, 3-4 as well as 9-17
  • Raw materials, auxiliaries: Halls 5, 6, 7, 7a, 8a, 8b
  • Semi-finished products, industrial components and reinforced plasticsproducts: Halls 5, 6, 7, 7a, 8a, 8b

    K 2019 represents the industry’s complete production chain in unparalleled depth and breadth including rubber, which plays an important role, despite the fact that this segment is rather small compared to other segments of the plastics industry. Important user industries however, attach major importance to it and its highly innovative developments. Rubber Road in hall 6 is an indispensable constituent of the K exhibition and is much appreciated and cherished by visitors.

    The K trade fair is the benchmark for the entire industry and its global marketplace for innovations. This is where experts from the world of plasticsand rubber come to meet, to demonstrate their industry’s leading edge andto inform visiting experts from the automotive industry, packaging, E+E and communication, construction, medical engineering and the aerospace industry about new and visionary areas of application for plastics and rubber materials.

    K 2019 will underpin its special status not only by attracting the attention of the international industry, but will also address contemporary issues that confront the plastics and rubber industry.

    Humankind is facing significant global challenges ranging from climate change to digitisation, which need to be addressed by human expertise and intelligence. We are all responsible for conserving our planet for future generations, which is why we need to approach this development with sustainable and pioneering solutions. The international plastics and rubber industry that will congregate on the exhibition grounds of Messe Düsseldorf in October of 2019 will fully accept its responsibility and will contribute to solving the tasks ahead with the fullest commitment.

    Key performers: Polymer materials

    Low-emission, energy-saving and efficient methods and technologies are in high demand, as are intelligent, high-performance materials that can be easily adapted to the application at hand without placing an additional burden on the environment or using up extra time and resources. In this regard, polymer materials are a valuable, trend-setting contribution. Even at present, they deliver impressive results in almost all areas of application, be it when they keep easily perishable food fresh, help to generate eco power or reduce emissions from road traffic. Plastics and rubber are indispensable ingredients for many modern applications.

    Addressing challenges

    While the questions of proper disposal and re-use pose some of the more significant challenges that come with the use of polymers, plastics and rubber themselves are valuable materials, which ought to be produced in a sustainable manner and ideally be reused to create new, high-quality products. This requires that the material design itself ensures a high recycling and maximum recovery rate of the product’s high-quality constituents. Some interesting solutions shown at K 2019 will specifically address these issues. As recycled plastics are increasingly being used as alternative materials, they have become an important starter material for new plastic products. K 2019 will show an overview of the currentpossibilities and an insight into the industry’s cooperation with differentinstitutions.

    Special presentation “Plastics shape the future”

    The special presentation with the title “Plastics shape the future” aims toshow how polymer materials have shaped the appearance of modern settings, which of the emerging developments have already been put into practical application and which of the more visionary ideas have the potential of becoming successful in the future. Expert discussions, kick- off speeches, interesting demonstrations and exciting experiments will alternate on seven theme days. Economic and ecological aspects will be given as much attention as problem areas and potential solutions.

    This special presentation, a project of the German plastics industry spearheaded by PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. and Messe Düsseldorf, will enhance the official program of the K trade fair offering new insights and visions for exhibitors and visitors as well as for the media and the interested public.

    Special: Science Campus

    The Science Campus encourages the discourse between research and industry. A forum where businesses and universities can exchange information, it also provides K exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive overview of scientific activities and results in plastics and rubber-related research.

    The Special Show and Science Campus agendas are closely coordinated. Both forums focus on topics that are expected to dominate the global polymer industry in the next years. Scientists and experts of the Innovation Circle of K 2019 have defined the following issues as central:

    1. Digitization of the value added chain / Industry 4.0, featuring the aspect of platform economy and the value added network

    2. Plastics for Sustainable Development, featuring water management, renewable energy and circular economy

    3. System integration: Functionality through material, process and design, featuring new materials and additive manufacturing, lightweight engineering, mobility (e-mobility) and biopolymers

    4. Promotion of young professionals at K 2019: There is a special focus on the promotion of young professionals for the industry, both in science and in practical training. Participating universities, institutes, associations and promotion agencies will present the central topics by way of discussions, speeches and demonstration of selected exhibits. The strategic promotion of young professionals is crucial for the plastics industry. At the start of their career, young people are often not aware of the fact that this industry offers numerous highly qualified and exciting jobs with potential for the future. The German training and qualification initiative KAI aims at promoting the versatility and prospects of career options in the plastics industry among the younger generation. Activities ranging from exhibitions and moderated discussions through to experiments are provided to attract young professionals to the industry. The KAI initiative is co-hosted by the Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie (GKV) e.V., other associations and institutes as well as Messe Düsseldorf.

    Bioplastics Business Breakfasts

    At this year’s K trade show, visitors and exhibitors interested in the potential and opportunities of bioplastics can find comprehensive information at many stands. Moreover the specialist publication“bioplastics Magazine” in cooperation with Messe Düsseldorf will host three additional events that will take a closer look at this particular topic:the “Bioplastics Business Breakfasts” will take place every morning, from16 until 18 October 2019. The Bioplastics Business Breakfasts focus on the future role and the market potential of biopolymers – both bio-based as well as biodegradable polymers. Future opportunities will feature as prominently as the pros and cons of biopolymers.

    Excellent ratings from visitors

    The impressive number of exhibitors and the quality of the presented products is a testament to the importance of the K and its role as the flagship fair for the entire industry, but it is also reflected in the impressive number of visitors and their excellent rating: in October 2016, 232,053 visitors from 161 countries came to Düsseldorf. Of these 71% came from abroad; the largest groups of international visitors came from Italy, the Netherlands, India, Turkey, France, Belgium, the US, China, Spain and Poland. Theexperts’ verdict was clear: 97% were very impressed with the abundance of technical developments and pioneering solutions. Excellent marks were given for the density of innovative products and the presence of market leaders. In addition, these were not only provided by manufacturers of plastic and rubber products. The K trade fair has become known and appreciated among ultimate buyers from the industry as the event is an important source of new ideas and allows them to take new products home with them.

    K 2019 – on all channels with smart online services

    For Messe Düsseldorf, service is the ultimate objective, not only during the trade show, but also long before it – and on all channels. K trade show has its own web portal k-online.com, also available via app for iOS and Android OS, a convenient and readily available way of accessing interesting news from the entire industry and helpful tips to keep visitors up-to-date on all things trade fair. In March 2019, the K 2016 exhibitors will present their business portfolio in the exhibitor database. Naturally, K 2019 is also present on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Featuring personalised services such as MyOrganizer, the K portal helps visitors organise their agenda. Travel information including accommodation and things to do in Düsseldorf – including an online hotel reservation option are also available on k-online.com. Extremely convenient: visitors can purchase their tickets online, simply download the corresponding code or print them out at home. No more queuing – and even better: eTickets cost less. Day tickets will be available online for EUR 49, compared to EUR 75 (box office price). Three-day-tickets cost EUR 108 online, and EUR 155 if purchased from the box office. The online ticket offers an additional advantage as it doubles as a public transport ticket for trips to the exhibition centre.

    Optimized matchmaking tool

    An optimised matchmaking Tool will help you make K 2019 a personal success. Prior to the upcoming K, visitors and exhibitors can use this tool (available at k-online.com) to find their required contacts and products. The tool will directly suggest the right contact for you and allows you to make appointments. Access this function via www.k-online.com/MatchmakingDor via the K Matchmaking App for iOS and Android OS. Owners of a ticket can easily access the tool by using their login information and specifying their interests and search parameters. Fast matching of these parameters will immediately provide you with recommendations and personalised contact suggestions.

    Düsseldorf: A destination that always appeals

    After their arrival in Düsseldorf, visitors will find a perfectly organised and structured exhibition venue as well as reliable infrastructure, from communication, traffic and accommodation right through to entertainment. An hourly shuttle service runs from Düsseldorf airport to the exhibition centre, and taxis will only take a few minutes to take visitors to the venue. Düsseldorf is not only an international business and media centre, the city also offers attractive entertainment options after the trade fair has closed its doors for the day. There is something for all tastes: numerous restaurantsand pubs in the famous “Altstadt” (historical district), elegant stores and shopping malls, a musical stage, the opera and more than twenty museums.

    K 2019 – Looking at the future of the industry

    K 2019 is already highly anticipated by the entire industry. Which technological developments will be shown this time? One thing is certain: the members of the plastics and rubber industry with their abundance of innovative products will make a clear statement that the industry is perfectly prepared for the future. Thanks to the multitude of pioneering products and solutions on show and the high number of attending research institutes, this event has become a hotspot for visionary impulses and developments. Business and research are working hand in hand to provide visiting experts with an insight into future perspectives and scenarios that will shape the future of the plastics and rubber industry. Particularly in the wake of the current debate and in the face of the global challenges concerning the potential management of resources, more efficient processing of plastics, their widespread collection, separation and recycling, K 2016, the international platform for information, communication and the future of the industry, will make a valuable contribution.