Controller for This and All Other Maguire VBD Vacuum Dryer Models Now Includes Energy Consumption Display and Capability for Logging Energy Use


Controller for This and All Other Maguire VBD Vacuum Dryer Models Now Includes
Energy Consumption Display and Capability for Logging Energy Use
ASTON, PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A., : At NPE2018, Maguire Products, Inc.
will exhibit a new, intermediate-range model in its VBD line of vacuum resin dryers,
expanding the throughput capacity of these systems and introducing an energy-monitoring
capability that will be available with all VBD models (Booth W5747).
The new Maguire VBD-600 dryer achieves throughputs up to
600 pounds (275 kg) per hour. This capacity is suitable for the manufacture of sheet, large automotive parts, and many other extrusion and molding applications. With the new model,
Maguire now offers vacuum drying systems with throughput
capabilities ranging from 30 to 1,000 lb. (15 to 450 kg) per
The VBD-600 dryer on exhibit at NPE2018 will include a new
controller display that monitors energy consumption and
enables processors to track consumption over time. This is the
latest addition to an intuitive control system which enables
operators to manage all drying parameters simply by means of
a touch screen.
“The new energy consumption display makes the radical
energy efficiency of vacuum drying immediately measurable,”
said Frank Kavanagh, vice president of sales and marketing.
“Since drying polymer can account for as much as 15% of total
process energy cost for a molding operation, the substantial
reduction in energy consumption made possible by the vacuum dryer can yield a rapid return on
investment for the equipment.”
In comparison with desiccant dryers, the VBD vacuum dryer consumes up to 80% less energy,
dries resin in one-sixth the time, and substantially reduces the heat history to which polymer is
exposed. The speed with which the VBD system removes moisture makes properly dried
polymer available for production only 35 minutes after a cold start.
VBD vacuum dryers use gravity to move material through three vertically arranged stages of the
drying process, with the discharge of material from one stage to the next controlled by highspeed
slide-gate valves with an accuracy per dispense of +/- 4 grams. The vessels for the three
stages are, from top to bottom: a heating hopper that brings resin to a target temperature; a
vacuum vessel in which vacuum reduces the boiling point of water, causing moisture within the
pellets to volatilize and be forced out of the pellet into the low-pressure environment surrounding
it; and a heavy insulated material retention hopper with transparent shroud to protect dry
material. For hygroscopic materials, a membrane purge option is available.
The vacuum vessel and retention hopper are mounted on load cells that monitor the weight of
material at two critical points, making possible precise control over material consumption and
documentation of process conditions for certification to customers.
Like all Maguire equipment, the new VBD-600 dryer comes with a five-year warranty.

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