Eastman touts 1Oth anniversary of Eastman Tritan co polyester at NPE

Eastman ce lebrates Tritan's decade of market disrupt ion with new loT applications


Global specialty plast ics provider Eastman announces three groundbreaking product developments
marking the milestone 1 O’h anniversary of Eastman Tritan  co polyester, a clear, tough, chemical-resistant polymer found in products made by
companies such as Newell, Nalgene, CameiBak and NuGiass. Recent innovations in smart technology are emerging to position Tritan as the r ight plastic
for applicat ions in digital agricult ure with Arable Labs, which uses Tritan in its solar-powered smart device to monitor crops and weat her. Tritan is also a
key component in the SproutsiO smart microgarden and Hid rate Spark smart water bottles that t rack water intake and integrate with fitness trackers like
Fitbit, Apple Watch and Google Fit. Tritan has inherent propert ies that make it the ideal mat erial for an increasing number of products in the Internet of
Things (loT).
“We couldn’t have made this product without Eastman,” said Adam Wolf, founder and CEO of Arable Labs Inc. “Eastman tech experts worked side by side
with us at our facil ity in Shenzhen, China, to develop t he process for our cosmetically beautifu l, chemical-r esistant device. Now we’re in 16 countr ies on
six continents monitoring 20 different types of crops.”


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