D.R. Joseph Showing New Blown Film Tech at NPE2018

D.R. Joseph will be showing a completely new style Radial Sizing Cage at NPE 2018.


D.R. Joseph will be showing a completely new style Radial Sizing Cage at NPE 2018. Sizing cages have the important job of stabilizing bubbles on blown film lines. Traditionally there are two ways of diameter adjustment for the supporting arms and rollers of sizing cages; iris style adjustment and radial adjustment. In terms of precision and bubble support, radial cages
proove to be superior, but come at the cost of mechanical complexity, a large footprint and a much higher price tag.

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At this year’s NPE show, DR Joseph will be unveiling a new generation of radial roll cages that completely adresses the shortfalls of traditional radial sizing cages: mechanical linkages and moving parts greatly reduced, a reduced system footprint (similar to iris style cages) and a total cost investment comparable to iris style sizing cages.

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Benefits that users can expect are higher precision diameter adjustment, complete stability and bubble support at all diameter ranges, extreme rigidity with zero play or backlash, and even improved IBC control with the DRJ IBC Control System. With axial roller diameter adjustment, IBC sensors are always placed perfectly perpendicular to the film surface to ensure that ultrasonic signals are ideally sent and received.
The new radial cage maintains the same soft roller solutions as previously offered; protected ball bearings and a varity of roller styles and covers to accommodate any type of film surface to provide a contact point that eliminates marks on the film common with segmented teflon rollers.
A Certified Lifting package is optionally available, which allows the cage to be used as a certified crane to lift items such the air ring for maintenance. A CE certified over-load safety device is built in for operator protection.