Premiere: new leanEX twin screw ex-truder for standard uPVC pipe production

At its Open House in Foshan City, Shunde, held during Chinaplas 2017, battenfeld-cincinnati China presented its brand new twin screw extruder for PVC pipe for the first time. The leanEX 2-93R-28-CL is a parallel twin screw extrud-er that covers outputs up to 580 kg/h and extends the suc-cessful turnkey leanEX system range for pipe extrusion.


Pipe is an important commodity in the infrastructure sector and battenfeld-cincinnati China’s largest product segment. The current range of equipment for PO pipe extrusion covers not only standard mono-layer pipes, but also special multi-layer applications and large diameter pipes with diameters of 2,000 mm and above. For PVC pipe extrusion, battenfeld-cincinnati China offers the twinEX-C and conEX-C extruder series for high-performance and large-diameter pipe extrusion.

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Due to the success of the turnkey leanEX lines for PO pipe extru-sion and the high demand for PVC pipe in the Chinese market, bat-tenfeld-cincinnati China has now expanded its offer for this seg-ment.

“We have launched a ‘leanEX’ twin screw extruder for PVC pipe production, specially designed for the needs of the Chinese market. The PVC version of our successful leanEX concept offers high out-puts, high line speeds and the high degree of automation custom-ers have come to expect from the leanEX systems,” explains Toni Bernards, CEO of battenfeld-cincinnati China.

The leanEX uPVC extrusion line shown at battenfeld-cincinnati Chi-na’s Open House was 34 m long and operated with a high output of 550 kg/h and a line speed of 0.95 m/min. The pipe produced had a diameter of 250 mm and a wall thickness of 7.7 mm. The highlight of the line was definitely the new leanEX 2-93R-28-CL parallel twin screw extruder.

The leanEX 2-93R-28-CL with 28 L/D has an extremely robust de-sign. With outputs from 200-580 kg/h, it is suitable for the upper output ranges and high-performance pipe extrusion. It saves ener-gy and production cost thanks to a fully insulated barrel with apc® (air power cooling), the maintenance-free, compact AC motor and a proven torque master direct 4-shaft gearbox sourced from Eu-rope.

As standard, the extruder comes with nitrided screws engineered in Europe and manufactured in China. The screws’ closed ther-moregulation system Intracool® is energy-efficient and mainte-nance-free. As an option, molybdenum-coated screws sourced from Europe are available for even longer lifetimes.

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The leanEX 2-93R-28-CL has an intuitive, easy-to-use “BC compact” control. The 12” touch screen has a modern screen design and al-lows the integration into MES/ERP systems.

Apart from the new extruder, the leanEX uPVC pipe extrusion line also features the highly efficient vacuum tank V 1-250-9 CL. Fre-quency-controlled vacuum pumps help to save about 17,000 kWh per year, increasing the energy and cost efficiency of the extrusion line.

“With the new leanEX twin screw extruder, we can now offer even more equipment for pipe production – both for standard and high-end applications. We have received very positive comments from visitors as well as the first orders for our new machines,” con-cludes Toni Bernards.

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battenfeld-cincinnati China celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. It has grown steadily since its foundation in 1996 and broadened its product portfolio and market reach.
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