BST eltromat International at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2017

Printum and BST eltromat’s Successful Partnership Extends to the New CONCEPT_17 Generation of Printing Machines


With the CONCEPT_17, a new generation of digital multi-web printing machines is making its debut at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2017, at the Printum GmbH exhibition booth in hall 11 (booth B32). The machines offer excellent cost efficiency while allowing for flexible configuration in the manufacture of various multi-layer labels. In its new CONCEPT_17 machines, Printum again relies exclusively on the quality assurance systems of BST eltromat. A BST eltromat CompactGuide web guiding system installed behind the rewinder ensures the perfect passage of the webs through these machines. The TubeScan digital strobe++ 330 web monitoring and inspection system developed by BST eltromat’s partner Nyquist Systems seamlessly monitors the quality of the manufactured labels. Exhibition visitors will find further BST eltromat products at the company’s booth in hall 6 (booth E60).


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The digital printing machines of the new CONCEPT_17 generation can be configured with different options, such as a flexo print unit or rotary die cutter. At the exhibition in Brussels, Printum will be presenting two new products: a longdictual cutter and a triple crossover unit. Both systems will be present at the booth.


Numerous label manufacturers around the world work with Printum machines. “We have come to know BST eltromat’s technology as being especially reliable. We’ve been relying exclusively on the manufacturer’s web guiding systems and unwinder control components since 2000. To this day, not a single CompactGuide has failed on any of our machines, no matter what amount of stress they’re exposed to,” says Bernd Leising, Managing Director of Printum GmbH, which is a main reason why he considers this web guiding system to be unrivaled. Another reason is the flexibility with which the CompactGuide can be configured, enabling it to be aligned with customers’ different technical and economic requirements. This is especially crucial when it comes to machines that are built for markets and applications in which price is a major factor. The web guiding system’s ease of use is equally important to Leising. “The operators can see at a glance whether the materials are being guided accurately, and if necessary can intervene quickly and safely to ensure that as little waste as possible is produced,” he explains.


TubeScan digital strobe++ was designed as an optical quality assurance system for premium print products. It combines imaging technology with the stroboscope principle. This system with its menu-guided, intuitive touch operation reliably identifies incorrect labels – and even printing, color and register defects of less than a millimeter in size – by automatically comparing images in the production process to reference images. Additionally, TubeScan dependably counts labels. This system, which is installed in the CONCEPT_17 machine, covers a web width of 330 mm. According to Leising, “the TubeScan inspection systems are very compact, making them ideal for our narrow web machines. Furthermore, the touchscreen feature enables them to be operated as easily as BST eltromat systems, and they are just as reliable.”


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Depending on customers’ quality assurance requirements, Printum can also integrate the modular POWERScope 5000 digital web monitoring system in its machines. This compact system delivers very high image quality and provides still images of the fast-moving webs on the control monitor, which the machine operators can use to reliably and conveniently examine the print quality, such as the accuracy of the colors, for example. The POWERScope 5000 system also features an innovative operating concept with intuitive gesture control, similar to that found in smartphones, maximizing the system’s ease of use for machine operators.


“Printum builds intelligent machines for especially demanding customers, whose quality requirements consistently present new challenges for our company, such as in the field of sensor systems. As a result, our partnership has been very fruitful for both companies,” says Arno Vogelhuber, BST eltromat’s Area Sales Manager responsible for Printum.


Printum GmbH

Founded in Ravensburg in 1994, Printum GmbH currently has ten full-time employees and 15 freelance engineers, who develop modular custom solutions for the printing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. Increasing numbers of customers are also requesting a link to their digital printing machines. They are looking for ways of manufacturing their multi-layer products in a single pass. Printum has already built several installations in cooperation with various manufacturers, such as Durst, Mprint, Screen and Xeikon. The company’s globally renowned specialty are complex, high-end machines for the production of demanding multi-layer labels, which can be manufactured in a single pass using the machines designed for four-shift operation. Thanks to the modular system, customers can start with entry-level modules and later expand them as necessary, depending on how their business develops