VELOX GmbH, one of Europe’s leading solution providers of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites and additives industries, will be exhibiting at JEC World 2018, taking place in Paris from 6 to 8 March (Pavilion 5, Booth E28). VELOX will be showcasing an extended speciality product portfolio. The wide range of speciality composites and additives will include glass reinforcements for closed mould and pultrusion processes, dry carbon reinforcements, formulated epoxy resins and hardeners as well as bio-sourced epoxy resins, structural adhesives and more. The company offers composites solutions for the automotive, aerospace, sports and leisure industries and for industrial applications. VELOX will be representing new as well as long-term partners like Ilium Composites, Chomarat, L&L Products, Atul, CMP, CTP Advanced Materials and Entropy Resins. Umicore – Cobalt & Specialty Materials will also be present at booth E28 of VELOX in Pavilion 5, presenting its product portfolio and discussing specific customer enquiries. “JEC World has always been a key trade fair for us”, says Serge Gradys, Business Manager Composites at VELOX. “This year too, we are looking forward to the professional exchange with composites experts and interested parties, and are especially happy to discuss with them development opportunities and our new solutions.”

Technische Informationssysteme GmbH (T.I.G.) and iPlast 4.0 just announced a broad partnership that significantly expands T.I.G.’s reach in Asia and other high-growth key markets. The new partnership aims to spark innovation and increase sales figures in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) market by combining resources from both companies.


T.I.G. and iPlast 4.0 are partnering up to help businesses focus on working more effectively and increase the overall optimization in production. This partnership is a strong strategic fit, combining the two companies’ strengths across several areas:

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  • With its training program “service excellence”, iPlast 4.0 is widely networked in Industry 4.0 topics in Asia and is a key player in identifying optimization potential in plastics production. The MES solution “authentig” by T.I.G. records the production process and continuously calculates the OEE and other key indicators and thus shows the overall optimization potential.


  • The combination of „service excellence“ and the smart MES solution “authentig” ensures the long-term competitiveness of its customers, because their employees too are professionally supported and competently introduced to the requirements of Industry 4.0.


  • “authentig” creates complete transparency in the manufacturing process due to its module depth, and by that is an important entry point into the digitization of the production.

“Due to the cooperation with iPlast 4.0 in Asia, we expect a rapid market penetration of our MES solution “authentig”. The holistic view – from demonstrating the optimization potential in a plastics production via a proposed solution to the installation of our MES solution – ensures that our customers are ready for Industry 4.0”, says Wolfgang Frohner, CEO of T.I.G.

The relationship with iPlast 4.0 presents a powerful opportunity for T.I.G. to significantly expand the company’s presence in Asia, a vibrant and very important market, and to extend it to other parts of the world over time. T.I.G. is excited to partner with iPlast 4.0, as both companies focus their combined energies on serving a broad range of customers with its innovative MES solution.”

“From our experience helping Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Asia adopt Industry 4.0, we know it is important to have an ecosystem of partners that have the insights, expertise, and willingness to be an enabler with iPlast 4.0.  It is our pleasure to announce that the collaboration with T.I.G. brings with it not only well-proven MES solutions, but also a strong and synergistic alliance that can co-create digitalization solutions for our customers”, Anston Tan, Principal of iPlast 4.0 points out.

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About iPlast 4.0

Established in 1999 with members from Singapore, Malaysia, Baltic and Greater China Region, iPlast 4.0 enables SMEs in the plastics industry to realize Industry 4.0 and is especially strong in the fields of Scientific Moulding, Smart Maintenance, LEAN Automation and Smart Manufacturing.

iPlast 4.0 believes that standardization and digitization through international cooperation will allow for efficient and sustainable implementations of Industry 4.0 for SMEs. Towards this goal, iPlast 4.0 has been actively building a global ecosystem of experts and partners.

About Technische Informationssysteme GmbH

T.I.G. develops and sells MES worldwide and has

  • connected more than 10.000 injection moulding machines worldwide
  • 7 of the top 10 automotive suppliers as its customers

Founded over 20 years ago as a specialist for production machine networking, T.I.G. today is the industry leader in quality assurance and production optimization. T.I.G. sells and maintains “authentig” globally through offices in Rankweil, Vienna, Schwertberg, Shenzhen and Shanghai. “authentig” is a modular software solution with many features specially tailored to the needs of the plastics processing industry. More than 300 customers and all well-known manufacturers of injection moulding, rubber or recycling machines rely on the modern MES-solution from T.I.G.