S.T. BLOW MOULDING will showcase its latest technology and products at NPE2018 – the largest plastics conference and tradeshow in the world, featuring more than 1 million square feet of exhibit space – May 7-11, 2018 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.


NPE2018 brings together all industry sectors, including vertical and peripheral markets, end markets, brand owners and recyclers. Held every three years, NPE attracts more than 65,000 plastics professionals from across the globe and leading suppliers of emerging technologies, equipment and materials for every phase of plastics processing.

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Building on its most successful show in 2015, NPE2018 anticipates even greater participation from up and down the global plastics supply chain when it returns this year. NPE is produced by Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) and is the only international plastics event produced by the industry for the industry.

This important event deserves the presence of machines with high technological level, that’s why ST BLOW MOULDING, with over thirty-five years’ experience in designing and manufacturing world-class blow molding machines, is exhibiting the ASPI 400 model.

The main feature of this machine is versatility: with 40 ton clamping force and a 4 lt accumulator head (3 kg – 6.5 lb max. shot weight), this model is suitable to work both with 2D and 3D technology. It can produce pieces in 2D configuration (such as windscreen washer reservoirs), and it can work with parison suction technology as well, for the production of 3D ducts (such as air intake ducts for turbocharged engines).

The ASPI 400 machine on show is equipped with a 70mm extruder. The screw profile is suitable to plasticize polyolefin or engineering polymers with high throughput: 170 kg/h of HDPE or 130 kg/h of PA6.

The clamp platens (900 x 1100 mm – 35” x 43”) can accommodate molds of large dimensions in comparison with the industry standards for parison suction machines.

The machine includes important innovations:

  • Smart heating control

A new heating control concept reduces the use of electricity during machine start-up: the electric power to each heating zone is modulated to trim the energy peaks.

  • Hydraulic system management

Variable speed pumps controlled via inverter perfectly adjust the oil output to the machine requirements, resulting in a dramatic reduction of energy consumption, noise and wearing.

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  • New hardware for safety

Safety devices are now integrated in the main control system: the status of each safety device is monitored and displayed on the screen in real time.

  • Quick log-in with RFID

The operator can quickly log-in with his RFID contactless badge. The team manager can set up different user profiles and access levels. Any action of the operator through the HMI is tracked and stored.

  • User-friendly interface

New Human Machine Interface (HMI) with 21” multi-touch screen. “Job oriented” navigation concept: only the screens needed by the operator to perform his task are displayed – according to his access profile.

  • Industry 4.0

The OPC UA standard communication protocol connects the machine to the customer’s “smart factory”. Predictive maintenance tools are available to schedule “on-demand” maintenance steps and prevent unexpected downtime.

  • Remote data monitoring

A new web application allows authorized users to monitor the machine data – production, maintenance, quality – through internet connection.

  • ST App

Using the new ST application you can check anywhere and anytime your production data from remote devices (tablets or smartphones).