NPE 2018 – The Apex Group Press Release

Apex Machine Company along with our sister companies, Desco Machine and Capex Corporation, would like to announce the continuation of their long-standing tradition of exhibiting at NPE in Orlando.


Since 1903, Apex has been an industry leader in the engineering and building of part handling and printing systems for a diverse range of packaging components.  We are passionate believers in the value of print and in the change it can bring to the world of plastics.  Our latest advancements in product decorating will greatly enhance your output capabilities and allow you to reach new markets.

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At NPE 2018, Apex and Desco will proudly display:

C-400 Cylindrical Part Printing System

The C-400 is truly the most versatile print system in the Apex portfolio serving varying industries which includes medical, pharmaceutical, auotomotive, stationary, marker/pen barrel, sporting goods, and just about any cylindrical component . This system comes with:

  • Capability to run multiple size parts ranging from 2-1/2″ to 12″
  • Print 360° in up to 5 colors
  • Speeds exceeding 200 parts per minute

C-9 Vertical Printer

The C-9 is packed with enhancements to offer superior print quality and ease of operation while simultaneously delivering consistent speed and reliability. Handles and prints cylindrical parts such as centrifuge tubes and syringes, in a vertical fashion. Offers:

  • A low cost solution for high quality, 2-color, 360° print /decoration
  • Production speeds up to 150-200 parts per minute
  • Either FlexApex® or Dry Offset print technology

 DRCP-4 Rotary Closure Printer

The DRCP-4 Rotary Style system is designed to maintain print concentricity at speeds over 4,000 parts per minute. The DRCP-4 is completely gear driven and incorporates:

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  • Up to 4-color capability
  • Running registration thus allowing radial and lateral adjustments while the machine is running
  • As a complete turnkey system, inclusive of IMD Vista Feeding and Inspecting units aimed at:

}Print quality             }Print verification                  }Print placement

}Cap quality               }Inside of the cap/closure


C-4000 Sidewall Printer

The C-4000 is a very popular system for printing the sidewall of parts like caps, closures, wine corks, and many others.  Features comprise of:

  • A Ferris-wheel design with dual lanes to enable speeds of 250 to 300 parts per minute
  • Quick changeover features to accommodate varying part sizes and artworks
  • Ability to print 360° in 1 to 4 colors
  • Complete turnkey IMD Vista feeder and inspection unit

Apex Machine Company, ISO9001:2015 certified, is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of advanced, customized, product handling and printing systems for three-dimensional products.

Desco leads the way in its specialty within the container (bucket, pail) industry as most of these applications are unique.  Another area of Desco’s expertise is their manufacture of cost efficient printing systems for varying styles of caps and closures.

Capex Corporation is a specialist ink manufacturer and blender offering a full range of standard and custom inks. Capex support extends to full artwork and plate making services, print consumable, cleaning supplies, and photopolymer plate making systems.

NPE continues to be an excellent opportunity for The Apex Group to show off our marking, decorating, and handling solutions for the plastics industry.