Investment in Comexi technologies enhances production at Tropic Plastic & Packaging

Leading South-African converter has achieved most prestigious awards working with Comexi solutions


Girona, February , 2018. – As a leading flexible packaging producer in the high-growth African region, Tropic Plastic & Packaging has grown to be one of the most modern and wellequipped plastic packaging companies in Southern Africa. Nowadays, the enterprise is well positioned to take advantage of new requirements and developments in African flexible packaging market, much thanks to its investment, innovation and production strategy developed with Comexi technologies.
This family-company with almost 50 years of experience has recently installed a new Comexi F2 MB flexographic press. Since 2011, the South-African enterprise has trusted in Comexi’s technologies and nowadays is working with different solutions such as Comexi FPLUS flexographic press and Comexi F2 MP press apart from other machinery. “It is one of the largest packaging company in this country, leading in the continent and they are continuously growing, achieving the maximum capacity of our printing technologies”, states Comexi’s Area Manager in Africa, Miquel Gironès. “We are so pleased to be able to assist them in their expanding plan”, emphasizes.
This latest Comexi F2 MB press acquisition is an advanced machine dedicated to short and medium runs that shares the patented FLEXOEfficiency concepts or ergonomics and accessibility of the Comexi F2 family. “It is a top performance equipped flexible machine that will broaden Tropic Plastic & Packaging market, boosting its production and completing its range of machines currently available”, stresses Gironès.
“Comexi is the leader in the industry at the moment when it comes to flexographic printing presses. Their attention to detail is immaculate and all elements are tailor-made for our purposes”, assures Ismail Simjee, Tropic Plastic & Packaging Managing Director. In this sense,
Simjee underwrites that Comexi’s aftersales service has been the main reason to continue purchasing new machinery from the Spanish group. “Comexi has helped us gain competitive edge in the Southern African market since partnering up seven years ago and we look forward to continuously growing as a strategic partner in the future”, stands out Simjee.
Prestigious recognitions
One of the greatest examples of this successful partnership between both companies has been showed recently when Tropic Plastic & Packaging achieved most prestigious awards using Comexi’s solutions. In particular, the Southern-African enterprise was recognized with a Gold Award from the Goldpack Awards for the best overall flexible plastic in South Africa, a Bronze Award from Goldpack Awards for best transit packaging in the country and a Silver Award for best print quality from Flexographic Print Excellence Awards (FTASA). Besides, in 2016, the company also achieved another FTASA Gold Award for best wide web print quality using a Comexi F2 MP.
“We are extremely ecstatic, it is a brilliant recognition and exposure for both brands and rewards Tropic’s constant investment in innovation giving us the edge over in the South African market. Besides, it boosts the self-esteem of the entire workforce”, explains Tropic Plastic & Packaging Managing Director. In this sense, Comexi’s Area Manager in Africa highlights: “Tropic is a keyreference company in this region consistently supplying high quality zero defect products into the market at very high volumes. We are pleased that Comexi technologies help them win worldwide prestigious prizes”.
About Tropic Plastic & Packaging –
Continuously researching and developing products to meet with latest technologies and trends, Tropic Plastic & Packaging is a family business focused on the production of top quality packaging and flexible packaging for different sectors.
With state-of-the-art machinery coupled with skilled workforce, Tropic handles a complete diversified range of films, bags, materials and laminates structures. Through great leadership, and latest technology, Tropic has become one of the leading blown film manufacturers today in South Africa.
About Comexi –
Comexi has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the flexible packaging conversion industry. World leader, it runs five product lines, each specialized in a
different conversion process: flexography printing, offset printing, gravure printing, laminating and slitting and rewinding.
The company has 36,000 sqm. distributed over three production centres in Riudellots de la Selva (Girona, Spain), Brazil and Italy. Furthermore, its widespread sales network extends to more than 100 countries and its SAT service provides an excellent assistance to all its client’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Comexi includes the Manel Xifra Boada Technological Centre, Comexi CTec, where the company provides support and transfers its knowledge to the various groups involved in the flexible printing industry process.


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