Frigel Takes Process Cooling Innovation to New Level at NPE2018

Diamond Service advantage integrates innovation and scientific approach to give plastics processors more opportunity than ever to drive productivity and profitability.


Visit the main Frigel booth in the West Hall at Booth W193 and the new Bottle Zone, Booth S14085

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Years ago it broke new ground with Intelligent Process Cooling and now Frigel takes innovation in process cooling to a new level with a host of technological advancements to be unveiled at NPE2018 in Orlando, Fla., May, 2018. Show attendees are invited to see how Frigel process cooling drives productivity and profitability like never before. Frigel will exhibit at Booth W193 in the West Hall – in addition to the show’s inaugural Bottle Zone at Booth S14085 in the South Hall.

“NPE2018 represents the most exciting industry event in our 50-year history because we’ve taken things to a whole new level in every single aspect of what we do and the value we deliver to customers each and every day,” said Frigel North America Marketing Manager Al Fosco. “We call it Diamond Service. From ongoing innovation throughout our extensive line of advanced process cooling technologies to the highly scientific approach we take to every plastics process, Diamond Service exemplifies our unwavering commitment to giving customers process cooling solutions that give them a competitive advantage.”

Frigel will illustrate the Diamond Service advantage through an interactive presentation at NPE2018. Visitors can also see unique process-cooling innovations that increase operational efficiencies, save energy and water and improve product quality. The latest Frigel innovations on display include:

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  • Microgel chiller/temperature control units (TCUs) with digital control technology. Users can now capture energy data in addition to temperature, pressure and flow rates.
  • Microgel combination chiller/TCUs with multiple enhancements, including:
    • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for optimal process cooling control and energy savings.
    • A CT option that lets Microgel/TCUs work seamlessly with cooling towers.
    • An optional digital flow meter for more data and even tighter control of turbulent water flows.
  • Ecodry BWR Water Recovery System option. Used on the Ecodry closed-loop adiabatic central cooling system, it captures and reuses every ounce of unevaporated water to save costs and achieve sustainability goals.
  • High-water temperatures HB-Therm TCU. Available in North America, it now uses water instead of oil to deliver water temperature up to 230 oC (445 oF).
  • Turbogel TCUs with multiple enhancements. Giving users even more machine-side process cooling advantages with VFDs and an optional digital flow meter.

Frigel is also excited to showcase technological innovations at the NPE2018 Bottle Zone – the new dedicated pavilion that spotlights innovations and solutions to meet the needs of the rapidly growing beverage bottling and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market. At its Bottle Zone booth, Frigel will display its Microgel RCP chiller, specifically engineered to meet the demands of high-speed, high-volume production involved in bottling and blow-molding operations everywhere. In addition, Frigel will also display a high-speed cap cooler unit.

This year at NPE there will be a total of 24 Frigel units operating in 10 booths of leading plastics machinery manufacturers, which is unprecedented for any process-cooling equipment company.