WINTEC starting sales in America

Since 2014, WINTEC, an ENGEL group company, has produced high-quality injection molding machines for standard applications. In the four years of its existence, the company, based in Changzhou, China, has firmly established the brand in Asia. With sales commencing in May, 2018, WINTEC is now expanding its distribution into the US, Canadian, Mexican, and Brazilian markets. At the NPE2018 plastics trade fair from May 7 to 11 in Orlando, Florida, USA, WINTEC will introduce itself to the American public for the first time.


“In addition to sophisticated applications that require tailor-made injection molding solutions, we see a strong demand in America for injection molding machines that handle standard applications”, says Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the ENGEL Group. “This is precisely the market segment in which WINTEC is at home. By expanding the sales area to the American markets, as the ENGEL Group we can provide tailored solutions at an attractive price/performance ratio.”

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WINTEC machines are preferably used for high-volume, single-component injection molding, which may not require any special technologies, yet still places high demands on quality and process consistency. Machines are delivered preconfigured, which guarantees short delivery times and speedy start-up.

European quality made in China

The WINTEC machines are designed and developed in Europe and produced in China. Opened in 2014, the Changzhou plant is tied into the global quality management of the ENGEL Group. “WINTEC operates with the same strict quality standards as all the ENGEL plants worldwide”, emphasizes Peter Auinger, WINTEC President Americas, who is taking on the responsibility for sales and service in America. Auinger has been with WINTEC from the beginning, built up the sales in China, and very successfully established the brand in Asia. For his new position, he also brings along a wealth of experience in the American markets. Prior to his time in China, he managed the sales and service ENGEL subsidiary in Mexico.

Energy efficient, compact and reliable

WINTEC offers both hydraulic and electric injection molding machines. Both series are characterized by a great degree of productivity, high energy efficiency, and a compact design. The machines are reliable and achieve a long service life in continuous operation.

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In America, the hydraulic two-platen WINTEC t-win series is available with clamping forces from 500 to 1900 US tons, and are equipped with servowin servo-hydraulics as standard. servowin cuts energy consumption by more than 60 percent in comparison with injection molding machines with conventional hydraulics. t-win machines are used for large, three-dimensionally complex components in the automotive and white goods sectors, among others.

All machine movements of the electric WINTEC e-win series are servo-electric. The high precision of movements ensures a stable process and a consistently high component quality. The parallel movements of the drives and the high acceleration of the injection axle, up to 22 m/s², allows for short cycle times. With clamping forces from 55 to 310 US tons, the e-win machines are used across a wide range of applications.

The C2 control with which both machines are equipped provides intuitive operation and minimizes the risk of operator error. For ergonomic operation, the 15″ touch screen can be pulled out and adjusted for height. In addition, the C2 offers a lot of flexibility for the connection of the most varied types and brands of robots. As a member of the ENGEL Group, WINTEC is able to deliver single-source, integrated production cells with robots that have been designed and manufactured in-house.

An experienced service team from the get-go

Preceding the start of sales in May, WINTEC has already set up a team of experienced service technicians in the American markets and established a spare parts warehouse. “Proximity to our customers is especially important to us”, says Auinger. “It lets us guarantee fast on-site service and high availability of our injection molding machines.”