Sundaram Polymers showcases new products at PlastIndia 2018


Sundaram Polymers, a division of Brakes India Pvt. Ltd., is showcasing new products – compounded grades based on carbon fibre and complex coloured products at the PlastIndia 2018 show held between 7th – 12th February at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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These products are customized to meet customer specifications and cater to various market segments like automotive, appliances, electrical & electronics, telecommunications and other engineering sectors. Key benefits of these products include high mechanical strength, exceptional toughness, high temperature resistance, self-lubricity, high flame-retardancy, see-through clarity and low specific gravity. The complex coloured products have been developed to strengthen the aesthetics of the product, and it also meets the RoHS standards.

Among its other product display, Sundaram Polymers is also showcasing the compounded engineering thermoplastics and injection moulded parts that include polyamide – 6 & 66, polycarbonate, polyesters (PET / PBT), polyacetal (POM), polypropylene, ABS, PPS & PES. Through this display, Sundaram Polymers also reinforces its commitment to provide end-to-end solutions to customers by supporting from design to parts supply and in providing solutions for metal to plastic conversions.

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As part of the future plans, Sundaram Polymers aims to focus on long fibre reinforced plastics based on engineering polymers such as polypropylene, nylons, etc. and speciality compounded grades based on PEEK, PES/PS, PPS.

“Over the past 3 years, Sundaram Polymers has focused on building its R&D capability as well as developing its product portfolio. We have had some very exciting developments with high temperature and high strength compounds, that include PPS and carbon short fibre compounds. Our team has also developed a wide range of aesthetic and colour matched parts for the automotive interiors and household goods segments. With this technical strength and our good reputation for quality and reliability in the market, we are a preferred supplier to many OEMs and moulders. We will take these capabilities to new customers and new applications in the coming years”, says Sriram Viji, Deputy Managing Director – Brakes India.

Sundaram Polymers is showcasing its products in hall no 2, stall no. 14.